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Welcome to Please note that your use of the Website's services constitutes your unconditional agreement to follow and be bound by these terms and conditions ("Terms and Conditions"). We reserve the right to amend the terms and conditions at any time.


We are committed to protecting your privacy, and our team deals with this information for the purposes of following up and completing the purchase process correctly. This information is used only for commercial purposes. We inform you that we will not share this information. We also review our systems and data to ensure the best services. Qabalan Bakery also guarantees dealing with all information related to its customers with complete confidentiality.


We would like to inform you that we have the right to cancel your order according to our sole policies for any reason without giving these reasons to customers, and we would also like to inform you that some purchase orders may be stopped or canceled due to the lack of the required quantity or an error in entering a name, description or price. In these cases, the paid amount will be completely returned to the customer.


the order is canceled within 15 mins from placing it. A full money refund will be granted. After the first 15 mins the order will be processed and considered final.


We, Qabalan Bakery assure you that we will deliver all your orders from our bakery in the best quality and on the appointed time. We believe that our customers are the motivation for our business development so our return / exchange policies will be:

1- If you desire to seek a refund for any reason, including if the products are unsatisfactory or for other reasons, please contact the branch where you purchased the product regarding any refund due to you. Your legal rights in this respect are not affected by anything in these terms.

2-The items you wish to return should be packed in their original packaging and closed tightly (certain items).

3-To avoid any confuse, the amount of money for the returned items will refunded in the same way it was paid.

4-In case the items were not delivered to the customer, he has the right to refund his paid money.

In case the customer returns or changes any item, he/she will be fully charged with any delivery fees or costs for a third party.


We reserve the right to recover the price of products, collection costs and attorneys' fees from persons using our website fraudulently. We reserve the right to initiate legal action against these persons for their fraudulent use of the website, and for any other unlawful acts, actions or omissions in violation of these terms and conditions.


Qabalan Bakery has the right to apply offers on certain items for specific periods of time and customers can get these offers on these items and during their validity.


Our delivery prices include full door to door shipping costs to the customer’s address specified on the order. Upon shipping we guarantee a fresh and defect free product. Any defect incurred because of the delivery company will not be our responsibility. These notes must be submitted to us for follow-up with those in concern.


Orders deliver 45 minutes after placing them by customers except for orders that include products need to be prepared, in this case preparation time will be added.


This program is presented for all of our valued customers who register on our platforms. Points can be calculated for each purchased product as shown on the product itself then points will be accumulated to be redeemed at our branches and online taking into consideration that our Points Program is applied at our branches, e-shop, and our mobile application.


Our points program registered customers have the right to redeem these points at any time at our branches or e-shop as follows:

1-The least value for points redemption is (1000) points.
2-Points redemption can be applied as the following categories:

a.(2000) points.

b.(3000) points.

c.(4000) points.

3-Points program is valid for one year.

For suggestions and complains, kindly contact our Customer Care Centre on:+962791301707

or email:

To contact Qabalan Delivery Centre, kindly call:+962791301707



We collect personal and technical information through the use of the "Qabalan" mobile application, including name, email address, phone number, address, location and similar data.


We use the data we collect to improve the quality of our services and provide necessary support to users. Additionally, we may use the data to communicate with users for delivery
، administrative or marketing purposes.


We do not sell or rent personal data to any third party and only share personal data if necessary to provide the services requested by the user or for legal reasons. We maintain strict confidentiality of data and use appropriate security measures to protect it from unauthorized acces.


We respect the rights of users to access, correct, and delete their personal data. Users can update their personal information and request deletion at any time.